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6 Keys For Your Presentation

Last time, I blogged about how to hand in your project to your client and what are the risks and challenges. Today, I am gonna write about how to present your product to a different levels of audiences. One of the most important things in your career life is probably presenting your stuff to multi-level audience. There are some tricks… Read more →

Risks and Challenges?

It is probably time to talk about handling your hard work to your client. It is indeed a frustrating progress and experience. I want to talk about what are the risks and challenges when you are handing off a project to a client (Mullins, J., & Walker, O. 2013). http://m.c.lnkd.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/p/5/000/1fa/30b/2b17875.jpg Meet all the requirements that client requested – If somehow,… Read more →

Five + Five = TEN

After you read my previous blogs about how to ace your Linkedin profile and build your social media to create your own brand, you might wonder what “skills” are employers looking for. It is important to understand that employers are not only look for technical skill, but also soft skill as well. Here I will list the five technical skills… Read more →

social media that will brand you

Nowadays there are a lot of social media out there. They are all social networking but specialize in different aspects. One focus solely on photo sharing, one focus on blogging, and one focus on daily activities. Currently, Facebook is the king of social media with the vision of connecting people. Second is probably Twitter with unique 140 character sharing application.… Read more →